• Ensure 360 Degree view and control of your business


    Experience the Change

    Your one stop Business Solution Hub

    Centralized control over data. Synchronize the business process &information from anywhere at any time with NobleERP.

  • Take your business to the next level with NobleCRM


    Close more deals in less time

    Customized solutions for more leads

    Unified platform to enhance customer relationships.Increase responsiveness to empower your bond with InfoNoble.

  • Track the supply chain sequence uninterruptedly with NobleIWH


    Inventory&Warehouse Management

    To obtain the best procurement

    Trouble free supply chain management is the key to have a competitive edge.Automate the complex products and services movements with NobleIWH.

  • Get the power to streamline and automate the complete sales with NobleSales


    Comprehensive sales ERP module

    Encompasses functionality to boost up the revenue

    Ensure the Longevity of Your Business by Keeping Your Sales Function Healthy.The sales management solution integrates seamlessly with inventory, marketing, production and finance.

  • Deliver Human Capital business needs through scalable deployment software model


    Keep your Employees in Focus

    Productivity and confidence at your fingertips

    Everything a company needs to manage its most important asset - its Human Resource. Best Practice enabledHire toRetireprocesses Simplify daily tasks involved not just in the HR Department, but in the entire Company.

  • Automate your entire financial management process


    Track your business success

    A single set of transactions in a single system

    NobleFin gives you the ability to centrally track financial accounting data within a single framework, of multiple companies, multiple branches and chart of accounts.

About Us

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to be a globally respected corporation and provide advanced, innovative quality products and solutions by following and maintaining global standards, along with the industry's leading customer services and support”.

We at InfoNoble believe in teamwork. With every new day the quest for acquiring new competencies continues. Forever searching, experimenting, innovating, learning, moving ahead with our sincere efforts and dedication, shaping the future, and challenging our competencies to create new opportunities, is a never-ending process in the company.

InfoNoble products offer the finest in technology, design, architecture, functionality, features and ease of use. InfoNoble products offer a great user experience.



NobleERPdelivers the proven, comprehensive customer relation capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. NobleERP takes your business beyond traditional softwares by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make cost effective, better and faster decisions. NobleERP automates and integrates core business processes and helps to drive huge improvements in the effectiveness of any organization.


1. Efficient sales automation system
2. Complete inventory and warehouse management
3. Very effective marketing support system
4. End to End Customer Relation Management solution
5. A very unique Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
6. Quite, Unique and innovatively designed solution
7. Comprehensive financial management capabilities
8. Reduce overall operational costs and resource demand
9. Improve process integration process


NobleHRM delivers Human Capital business needs through scalable deployment software model. Hire To Retire processes are now Best Practice enabled. NobleHRM is unique Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software application that integrates and automates many human resource functions, including administration, payroll, recruiting and training, performance analysis and review into one package.


1. Extensive Recruitment and induction management
2. Attendance and leave management
3. Comprehensive Payroll management
4. Complete Performance appraisal management
5. Administration and Asset management
6. Training and learning management
7. Travel management
8. Online Exit management
9. Additional : Company vehicles fleet management


NobleCRM build, maintain and strengthen your customer relationship and get a 360 degree view of your business. NobleCRM works exactly the way you work, you’ll be more productive and effective. NobleCRMallows you to increase revenues and profits while lowering the cost of marketing, selling and servicing your customers.


1. Complete sales, support, purchase and shipping history
2. Integrated event tracking and alert system
3. Track sales opportunities and marketing campaign
4. Complete support and call center functionality
5. Support details directly links to calls
6. Overall visibility to customer interactions
7. All your business support functions in one system
8. Real time access to all details and activities
9. Unlimited report formats for management


NobleIWH is able to rapidly respond to customer requirements; at the same time flexible enough to undertake any corrections when required, without adversely affecting operational efficiencies. The NobleIWH offers effective features to minimize warehousing costs and to optimize storage needs in line with the requirements at hand. NobleIWH offers a host of advanced warehousing features such as modification, balancing, transfer, and reverse operations including management of multiple storage centers and locations, specialized inventory management features (serial numbers, batch tracking, and special stock), which are part of a diverse capability in inventory management, are included as standard functionality within the NobleIWH.


1. Keeping track of your stock
2. Specialized inventory management features
3. Serial numbers, Batch tracking, and special stock
4. Modification, balancing and transfer
5. Reverse operations
6. Management of multiple storage centers and locations
7. Assures continuous update of warehouse inventory
8. Supports different type of auditing
9. Fully automated input output transactions


NobleSales encompasses functionality for Sales Order Management, Sales Forecast & Analysis and dispatch to boost up the revenue. NobleSales allows a company to (re) organize and track the sales process in an efficient way, due to multiple configuration options and sales channels covered.


1. Very Efficient Sales inquiry handling
2. Managed Sales pricing control and Sales order control
3. Powerful sales order and sales contract management
4. Pending Sales order tracking and Multi level Sales invoicing
5. Sales Forecast & Analysis
6. Rule Based pricing,taxes,discounts, charges.
7. Target setting and monitor Target achievement
8. Eliminate order processing errors
9. Reports for back order, late shipment, late order etc


Marketing is an attempt to create awareness of the company, its projects and generate new enquiries. NobleMarketing provides various tools of marketing for the organization to get complete information regarding the conversion of an enquiry into a sale through a specific mode and the quantum of efforts behind it, both in terms of finance and personnel. Complete follow up history is maintained that makes the entire process, system driven rather than person dependent.


1. Scheduling of promotion
2. Direct mailing campaign
3. Supports lead generation
4. Extensive search option to explore the availability
5. Provision to rate potentiality
6. ensures follow up on priority
7. Manage complete follow-up history
8. Raise respective alerts.
9. promotional activities linked to CRM


NobleFin is designed to capture organizations business transactions in a manner that will satisfy external reporting requirements. NobleFin takes care of all accounts related entries and their impact on the whole system. NobleFin gives support to decision making since it guarantees reliability and total security on the accounting information.


1. Manage Financial accounting and General Ledger
2. Improve Account receivables and payable process
3. Standard and custom reports
4. Improve financial and managerial reporting
5. Reconciled and timely financial data
6. Streamline process, workflow and collaboration
7. Legal consideration
8. Improve corporate governess and transparency
9. Automates dispute, credit and collections management


NobleProd is a Production , Planning and Controlling system which provides capabilities for planning,execution,quality and plant maintenance.Production Plan in NobleProd is determined based on Resource Planning, Sales, Operation Planning and Demand of the Product. NobleProd offers you the flexibility to adapt business dynamics and it is range compatible.


1. Monitor day-to-day production progress.
2. Reports on delivery schedule
3. Process definition with inputs, outputs, by-products and overheads
4. Definition of Bill of Material for all products
5. Customer wise production advice and sales forecast
6. Production scheduling for machines
7. Analysis of machine efficiency and utilization
8. Subcontracted process requisition
9. Automated generation of job orders for production

Our Services

InfoNoble offers end to end services across various set of on premise and on cloud Enterprise Solutions. Our services are designed for addressing today’s key business challenges. We leverage our core capabilities, proven methodology, tools, accelerators and best practices for enterprise application transformation. With our right blend of solution approach and domain expertise, we enable customers to drive maximum business value.

Our service capabilities cover the entire life cycle of enterprise applications with core focus in business modules such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Financials, Human Capital Management (HCM), CRM, Sales and Distribution etc. InfoNoble offers the industry’s most comprehensive Enterprise Application services portfolio, with strong capabilities in world-leading applications.

Our service offerings represent our 360-degree focus on every task necessary to ensure that our clients achieve the most business benefits possible. Our methodologies provide the framework to ensure that each ERP initiative adheres to the guidelines, practices and principles necessary for ERP success. Rather than focusing on one aspect of ERP implementation, InfoNoblehas built its reputation by leveraging our experience in helping organizations before, during and after an ERP system deployment. We do not sell software and do not receive any kickbacks from software vendors. Our advice is based purely on the individual needs of each client. ERP projects are not about technology – they are about improving business operations. Our industry experts leverage best practices to enable a transformation in business processes using InfoNoble ERP solutions.

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